YHC Newsletter March ‘19

Hi Guys & Gal,
Well we are working on spring, finally.
Some past news. We had a trip to Tongue River for ice fishing, Rick, Brad, and Josh came down. Rick brought Zander, and Josh brought his son Braxton and father Mike. Caught some fish, had a great time. You just can’t beat the camaraderie.

The club meeting was held last night with attendance by Mike M., Katie, Fred, Todd, Rick and Al by phone.

We had a good discussion for the up and coming year’s activities. We already have some prospective youth hunters in line. We discussed the requirements for the youth hunters and determined them to have to be at least 12 years old and have their hunter’s safety course. We also discussed that planning and having more of the club members to help would be the key to successfully having youth hunts. Rick and Fred are looking into spring turkey for the youth also.

Todd and Rick have purchased a program that will automate the dates of dues being paid and will also generated an e-mail reminding all of us of due date. Then dues can be paid on line through the web site. They are trying to make it easier for all concerned.

Discussion of fund raisers followed. It was decided that the Great Rocky Sport Show was a success, not major, but a success and that we would do it again next year.

It was discussed that a single gun raffle does not have enough interest. We had success with it at the show for several reasons. One, the ticket price was only $10.00. Two, the raffle was only for the weekend and awarded on Sunday. Three, it was a popular caliber and modestly priced gun. All these helped with the success of the raffle.

Following, we discussed making the fun shoot into a real shoot. Advertising, bringing in the public, in general making it a tournament. Scoring, and prize money were discussed, but nothing firm established. Rick is going to check with Blue Creek about the availability of a two day event to include Sporting Clays, 5 stand, Trap, and Skeet. The possibility of forming teams was also discussed. We are really going to try to make this happen, and if so, will need club members’ help and participation. We discussed late June for the date. More on this to follow.

The discussion moved into promoting the club within the club. In other words, what do you want, or expect from the club. What can we do as a group to promote ourselves? If you have any ideas, suggestions, or concerns please let the board know so that we might work things out. Come to the meetings and speak up. We really want your input.

Now for the good stuff!

Get your calendars out and start marking dates. In May, the 2nd thru the 7th will be the annual paddle fishing trip to the Missouri. Applications for the paddlefish tags are now being taken and will close on March 29th . Last year we struck out. Hopefully, this year we will do better. Tag wise. If you haven’t ever gone on this trip, it is real blast. You don’t have to paddle fish if you don’t want to, you can fish from the bank for cats, walleye, northern, sauger, crappies, whatever. Set lines are also good and used a lot. Usually, on Saturday night, we all pool fish and have a big fish fry. Really a great time.

The first part of June, we are looking at going to Homestead to finish the building and then on to Fort Peck for some fishing. This would be the summer camping trip.

The latter part of June we are hoping to have the fun shoot.
Although not discussed particularly, I know that in July or August we usually have a member’s only shoot at Blue Creek.

In September, upland hunting and bow hunting start again. What a shame. In October, the cast and blast at Tongue River will take place.
In November, a South Dakota Pheasant hunt is planned.

Now I want someone to tell me that this club sits on its ass.

Well until next month, keep your bore clean and shells dry.

Big Al

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