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The Yelllowstone Hunt Club was founded in 2008 by a dedicated group of hunters in Billings, MT. The genesis of the idea came from the struggles those hunters faced individually and their desire to improve. Founding members of the club recognized that others may be having some of the same struggles. Helping others to overcome those struggles became to be seen as the key to recruiting hunters for the long term. In the early years the club acquired hunting gear and paid shared expenses on a few hunts. The YHC traveled to North Dakota, Idaho and various locales around Montana. Members enjoyed field hunting geese first with borrowed decoys, then their own decoys, then blinds, and now 8-12 dozen decoys and blinds deployed from a trailer. In more recent years the Yellowstone Hunt Club set their sights on becoming a non-profit organization and incorporating. That process led us to our current stance as The Yellowstone Hunt Club, Inc. a 501(c)4 corporation. Our purposes remain the same with a greater focus on hunter recruitment. The Yellowstone Hunt Club, Inc. exists to get people hunting.

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    Hey, what are the Yellowstone Hunt Club’s opinions on how many wolves should be harvested in the Yellowstone region?


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