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July Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Rick. Present were Rick, Todd, Josh, and Al. first item on the agenda was the purchase of a “Lead Sled” for the club. This was discussed and Todd moved for purchase, Rick seconded, and unanimous vote in favor followed. The next item was the Big Sky Youth event to take […]

Board Meeting Minutes March 8, 2021

Board meeting held by ZOOM on March 8, 2021 with Rick, Todd, Josh and Al present. Finalized gaming for the Casino Night. $50.00 buy in, no monies paid out will have prizes to be awarded based on chip count. Pooling will be allowed. Todd to do the advertising. Club will buy cards and if necessary […]

Board Meeting Minutes of 08-15-2020

Meeting called to order by Rick. Meeting held at Fiddler’s Greene. Present were Rick, Mike M., Brad, and Al. First item was the Shoot held that day, the club netted about $700.00. We consider this to be a success. Next item is Homestead. Still work to finish to be able to rent. Work weekend this […]

Board meeting minutes of 07-22-2020

Meeting called to order by President Rick Cope at 6:30 pm.Present were Josh, Rick, and Al. First item: Board Meetings. These to held monthly, Any and all members welcome to attend, however, board is only voting. Input by members wanted and welcome.Next item: Mistake made on length of loan on Homestead property, not paid off […]

Board Meeting Minutes of June 30, 2020

Meeting held at Blue Creek, 6:00 P.M. with Todd, Josh, and Rick present. First item was the resignation of Fred Harmon from board. Motion moved and unanimous vote in favor of semi annual membership meetings and monthly board meetings. Next, it was determined that the budget for the Homestead Improvement had been used. This budget […]