Beers for Deer and the Next Generation

I heard about the Mule Deer Foundation Beer for Deer event approximately six hours before  it would take place.  Thankfully YHC members use an application called Groupme and I was able to get the word out quickly.  YHC Fundraising Chairperson Brad Harthun replied that he would be happy to meet me at Canyon Creek Brewing after work.

Minutes after six I walked into the brewery and met Brad.  He gave the lowdown on the event.  Based upon his information I needed to check out the silent auction and the gun raffle in the corner as well as get a raffle ticket for door prizes.  I grabbed a beer and was on my way.  I noticed a couple of things on the silent auction and called my wife.  Sara told me she was on the way.  She loves silent auctions

I enjoy these type of events, they check a lot of boxes for me.  First off, its held in a brewery, CHECK.  For every beer purchased a portion of the proceeds was allocated to the Mule Deer Foundation.  So I can drink and support habitat, CHECK.  These events are mostly attended by sportsmen, CHECK.  The silent auction and raffles constitute light gambling.  I like light gambling, CHECK.  To summarize; this event encouraged me to drink beer to support habitat while bull-shitting with like-minded people and gambling. Sounds like a good way to spend an evening.

Payton with her father’s 2015 buck.

This type of situation calls for the sharing of hunting stories.  I heard a fair amount, but one really stuck out.  It didn’t stick out because of the size of the buck or speed of the limit.  Brad shared the story of his 2015 buck.  This year he had an opportunity to hunt a clients land for the second year. Brad and his daughter Payton pulled up to the property.  The wind was in the right direction and they set out on a short walk.  Very early into the hunt Brad spotted a buck, ranged him, and made the shot.  As Brad field dressed the buck Payton asked him to show her the heart and other organs.  Brad said her eyes were wide with wonder.  After a short drag they arrived at the truck.  Brad put Payton into the truck to warm up while he loaded the deer.  After getting the deer loaded, Brad opened the truck door and jumped in.

“Did you get that deer loaded up?” Payton asked Brad.

“I sure did,” Brad replied.

“Boom goes the canon!,” said Payton

Brad beamed with a father’s pride as he told this story.  He’s very happy that his daughter takes life in stride.  Brad has a firecracker for a daughter and he wouldn’t have it any other way.



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