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Ducks take flight from Big Lake–Photo by Casey Page of the Billings Gazette

On November 3rd, 2014 Rick Cope, Kyle McCall and Todd Baier went on a duck hunt at Big Lake. Accompanying them on this hunt was Casey Page, photographer for the Billings Gazette. Brett French had contacted Todd Baier about writing a story on the YHC after Todd had sent Brett swan and crane hunting photos. Brett unfortunately was unable to make the hunt.

The day of the hunt was one of the first cold days of November.  When the group arrived at Big Lake the temperature hovered around 0 degrees.  Fortunately they found open water.  After some deliberation about how and where to place decoys the spread was thrown and hunters got down into their blinds.

Before the decoys froze to the surface of the water one green wing teal committed to the spread and Kyle took the only bird of the day.

After the hunt, the group sat down with Brett French and Casey Page.  Please forgive them for misspelling pudelpointer, it was probably the first time either had seen a member of NAVHDA’s best performing breed.  Regardless, the stories are linked below:

Billings Gazette on the Yellowstone Hunt Club

Photo gallery from the hunt

The Yellowstone Hunt Club thanks the Billings Gazette for the story and bringing our mission to a wider audience.  Getting and keeping people hunting, it’s just what we do.

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