First Steps–Youth Hunt 2014

The Yellowstone Hunt Club(YHC) put the rubber to the asphalt this week and began Youth Hunt 2014.  Tuesday September 16th Rick, Todd and Kyle of the YHC hosted Youth Hunt 2014 participants Eli, Scott, Tyler, and Chelsea at Blue Creek Sport Shooting Complex and Preserve to acquaint the youths and their parents to the YHC.  Rick and Todd explained the agenda for the evening.

Rick instructs Scott

Rick instructs Scott

Parents and children were told what they would need to provide and what the YHC would provide.  Dates of the upcoming hunts were discussed and paperwork was signed.  Then the fun portion of the evening began.

Rick had brought four of the YHC’s layout blinds as well as the .20 gauge shotguns the YHC purchased for these Youth Hunts.

First Eli, Scott, Tyler and Chelsea were asked to assist in assembling the blinds, then they were shown how the blind worked.  They were asked to practice sitting up in the blind and then shoulder their shotgun.  Blue Creek allowed the YHC to set up at their Five Stand Sporting Clays area.  This provided a number of clay presentations that would be similar to what the youths would see in the field.  One by one starting with Scott, the youths were coached by YHC members to open the blind doors, sit up, shoulder their shotgun and try to fire at and hit an incoming clay.

Even for an accomplished shooter, the experience of starting laying down can be challenging.  Scott started off the exercise.  Todd instructed Scott to sit up in the blind and then mount his shotgun.  As he was bringing up the shotgun the clay was thrown.  The clay presented itself moving towards the shoot at slight right to left angle.  It started its flight approximately 40 yards out and finished about 15 yards from the shooter.  Scott progressively got better and smoother.  He finished the night busting a few clays.

Up next was Eli, whom has previous hunting experience. This showed in his movements in the blind and resulted in many broken clays.

Rick offers pointers to Eli.

Rick offers pointers to Eli.

Towards the end of the evening Eli’s mother showed us pictures of his hunts last year.  Eli’s older brother harvested a swan at Medicine Lake.  Todd was visibly jealous.

Rick helps Chelsea.  Tyler in the background.

Rick helps Chelsea. Tyler in the background.

Tyler is a member of the Smokin’ Guns Shooting team at Blue Creek and has spent many hours breaking clays.  Even this seasoned-veteran of the clays mentioned that it was more difficult to connect while transitioning from laying down to sitting.  This difficulty was not evident in Tyler’s shooting.  His Smokin’ Guns team members will be happy to hear that Tyler didn’t miss a clay!

Chelsea was the final shooter for the event.  She was also the least experienced.  Kyle spent the entire evening helping Chelsea.  He explained how and when to execute the moves and offered encouragement.  Chelsea showed the most growth of any participant.  Towards the end of the night everyone there noticed a better rhythm to her movements and shooting.  While she didn’t break a clay she was very, very close on a number of them.  The YHC is certain that she will connect with many ducks and geese this year!

The event was a success!  The first steps in the process of Youth Hunt 2014 were taken.

 Next up?  The actual hunts.

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